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refer a friend, and loyalty cards!

hi guys!!

so! its been a while since i last blogged, im still getting the hang of blogging, its not something i do on a regular basis, so i thought my march post should basically update you on offer and events going on with healing therapies

so here we are, in march already, my this years is flying its scary.

im now offering referal rewards.

if you refer a friend and they commit to one session, the referer is rewarded with £5 off their next treatment!

no catch, no terms or condiditons other than, you have to be a client already in order to refer and £5 will be taken off automatically on your next booking.


i now have loyalty cards for those of you, and new customers, who have been repeat clients of mine.

i stopped and thought, you guys are good enough to be repeat clients, i wanted to give something back.

so in return, here we have a 10 stamp loyalty card.

how to use it?

everytime you have a session with me, ill stamp your loyalty card,

you have 2 choices:

1: collect 4 stamps, and cash in on your fith session for 10% off the total price,


2: bank those 5 stamps, and collect upto 10 stamps to get a wopping 20% of on your tenth sessions!

the choice is yours....

so guys, thats the end of this blog, short but sweet

nikki signing off


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