• Nikki Harley

detox update!


im partially through january, and already i feel im struggling.

see my niche is caffein! but unfortunatly not the good stuff but the cheep nasty instant coffee!

up to now, ive found it easy to drop the processed sugar, and knock down my portion sizes, but i seem to have an issues with drinking cafinated drinks in place of the buildings blocks of life, H2O .

like most modern people i find plain water dull and boring, pretty much tasteless, just how it should be right?

i know once i get into the swing of drinking water, it will become a good habbit and become easy for me to stay hydrated! but upto this point, me and water dont mix (excuse the pun there)

understanding the adictive nature of caffein, i expect to get the typical mood swings, head aches and so on as i come down from being semi reliant on coffee for energy.

i find that planning everything really help! it may sound like alot of work to some people, but im a persona who feels the need to write out a plan of action with most things i do, without a plan i find myself bumbling around aimlessly, trying to reach a goal that i desperatly want, but without the directions to get there.

to me, a plan is a map that shows me how to get to what im working towards!

being active!

its unfortunate that so early on in january 2016, ive recieved an injury that has rendered me currently, rather inactive.

in december 2015, runnign a class i apeared to get sharp pains in my left knee, well, me being me, i decided to leave it to heal on its own, jan this year 2016, my partner convinced me to go get it checked out, turns out i may have a partially torn ligament on my knee, so im now waiting for a scan to find out, which one, and how bad, but nhs being the nhs, im finding it a battle trying to push for this scan, but i dont intend to give up on it!!!

so with this in mind, i find my activity levels greatly reduced, which has had a mental knock effect on me, i know that controlled diet alone, with me, wont be enough to keep me fit and healthy and to stay of the fat gain that i can put on very easily! i find myself testing out various activities that dont inflict any sort of pain in my knee, i have ruled out the following

some yoga restrictions (warrior poses etc)




a large percent of dance practice

i love puzzles! and working out what i can and cant do is a real doozy! lol

as long as i avoid pressing force going through the left knee (so basically no bending) i can do anything!! :)

over the coming weeks, to stay motivated, ill be posting pics of me getting the belly down and hopefully using my knowledge resources to reabilitate my knee.

so even though the new year started on a weak note (bum bum) i intend to keep pressing on and keep it upbeat!!!!

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