• Nikki Harley

the power of meditation.

– Meditate. The power of meditation is beyond what many people realize, and it can actually increase the working size of your brain. People who consistently meditate experience new connections within their brains, and an increased capacity to think. Combine that with the peaceful, calm feelings that meditation creates, and it is easy to see way meditating is a great way to increase brain power.

How To Begin: Location, Location, Location

To begin, choose a quiet place to meditate. You want a place away from noise or anything that can distract your attention. You want your consciousness completely focused on making your connection with the Higher.

Reflect upon what it is that you are requesting of the divine. Are you looking for guidance, love, peace, or illumination? All of these things are wonderful, but you want to be selective, so that you can make a strong connection.

Sit, Relax, Breathe, and See the Light

Begin by sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight. The energy will be coming down from your Higher Self above your head and flowing through you like an electrical current, so you don’t want to “cross the wires” by crossing your legs or inhibiting the flow of energy in any way.

You want to be in a relaxed state of mind, yet alert and awake. Take a couple of deep breaths to feel your body moving in rhythm with your mind and soul. As you feel relaxed, envision the divine lovingly surrounding you. See a golden bubble of protection around you. It is important that you are spiritually protected when doing any type of meditation.

Then put your attention on your Higher Self Point two feet above your physical head. See this point as a radiant golden sun above your head. As you place your attention on the Higher Self Point, let go of all of your earthly worries and concerns. Feel part of your consciousness as actually in that Higher Self. Feel that Higher Self Point pulsating with light and power. It’s joyful and reverent just to be there.

As you are putting your attention on this Higher Self Point, recite out loud this invocation (it’s recommended that you memorize it)

Open Your Mind and Speak Your Heart

You are now ready to begin your meditative prayers. Let your mind open and speak your heart.

When making your request, envision the beautiful power of light that you are calling on down-raying from the divine source to your Higher Self Point. See the Higher Self Point activated in a burst of light. Then from the Higher Self Point, envision this light showering you like a waterfall of light. It bathes your entire aura, your body, your chakra points — all levels of your thinking, speaking, activities, actions, and feeling. Give permission for this light to touch every part of you.

Hold still to feel the light blessing you. Feel your consciousness being raised up with the spiritual quality you are requesting.

In finishing your meditation, express your gratitude to the divine for what you have received. Gently come back into your earth consciousness. Feel refreshed and grounded. You want to be very grounded in the light, because you must now take the blessing given and put it into active life. You must use the power granted to fulfill your potential and purpose.

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