• Nikki

New year, detox.

well! i hope every one had a awesome christmas! and merry yule!

like most of us, i over induldged in every type of food i felt like eating, now im not a drinker, but i am partial to cheese and crackers, and my sweet tooth takes over during the holiday season.

but, as the holidays draw to an end, and 2016 creeps up fast, i find my body feeling bloated, sluggish and all round rubbish, more than likely due to the foods ive eaten and the lack of activity and exercise over the duration of a week... or two!!!

so! like every new year, im already planning my detox and getting my body back into fit shape ready for an awesome new year ahead!!

now, when i say detox, i dont mean i live of liquid foods for 2 months , loosing shed loads of muscle giving me the apearance of being smaller, ye still fat, my detox goes along the lines of.

cutting out processed foods.

processed sugars.

controlling portion size and avoiding boredom snacking!

ill be incorporating my juice blends to boost my vitamin and mineral intake, raw foods in fruit and veg, and leaner forms of protein, not to mention keeping myself hydrated, something ive noticed lately, makes me feel rather rough when im not.

so! ill keep you guys posted on how it goes



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