Q £ A:


this section is were the most common questions get asked, with relevant information supporting them, if you dont find your answer, please feel free to send in an email through the contact form.

other option would be to check out the terms and conditions page for further information.

Q: I prefer a home visit, is this possible?

A: yes, send an enquiry through the online booking form or call us to arrange a mobile visit. there must be enough room/space in order for me to set up my couch. the consultation will take place prior to the treatment day to discuss health issues and treatment requirements.


Q: I'm pregnant, can I still receive treatments?

A: yes, though some will vary, aromatherapy for example with oils used (and not). pregnancy wont put treatments to an end as I find mothers to be in need the extra TLC during pregnancy, it is however important that you are past your first trimester. before booking in for any treatment. child and toddler treatments also available, ask for more information.


Q: I've never had massage before, what should I expect?

A: during treatment, the client will remove outer clothing, underwear remains  and towels are used as draping to both cover area's for dignity, and to keep the client warm, areas being worked on will be undraped while the rest of the body remains covered. 


Q: I have mobility issues, can I still have treatments?

A: yes, when enquiring simply outline any concerns you may have in regards to mobility or any health issues you may have, the equipment/ bed/ chair i use are all adjustable, there for I can tailor to all age ranges and mobilities, I'm able to work with wheelchair based individuals, I feel my services should be inclusive for all.


Q: I have a diagnosed health issue and am on medication, can i still have treatment?

A: if you have a diagnosed health issue, a gp letter may be required before treatment can commence, this is in your own best interest as treatments can effect everything from blood pressure, to effecting the medication absorption in to the blood stream, if you have any minor health issues or are not sure how your health issue would be considered from my point of view, please feel free to ring or email for a chat as to weather or not a gp note is required as some health issues can be worked around.

Q: you offer spiritual services… tell me more. as I cant find information on your website..

A: yes I do, I offer varied experience and services from, spiritual counselling, guidance, healing, and even end of life doula. Each is approached on a personal level, this is why there is no tab to click on my website , please, contact me if you feel drawn to me.