Price list

On first bookings, all clients are subject to consultation.

all consultations  take between 10-15 minutes.

so please take this time into account when booking appointments.


bookings there after wll be subject to a 5minute follow up consultation to note any changes to health/ life style.

For spiritual based enquiries, please contact Nikki directly, and keep an eye out on the classes, workshop, events tab.

please note, a call out fee may apply when booking*

Swedish massage:
Aromatherapy massage:

Half body - 30 minutes - £25

Full body - 60 minutes - £35

Full body - 90 minutes - £50

upgrade - add e.oil       -£5


Half body treatements are tailored to individuals needs and can cover front or back of body , or upper or lower body treatements

upgrade: opt for a upgrade and have a essential oil of your choice used during any of these sessions, perfect for those wanting deep pressure and firm massage, with the bennefit of essential oils.




Aroma back - 30 minutes - £35

Aroma full body -  90 minutes - £50


pick & mix - 20 minutes - £20


pick and mix areas that need work, speak to therapist for more information.





20 minutes - £25

45 minutes - £35


foot and hand reflexology.

sensitive or ticklish feet?

opt for hand reflex instead.

speak to therapist for more info