About the therapist.


Hi all.

i am a Sheffield based practitioner.

i come from a holistic background and have always been a fan of complementary and alternative therapies since introduced to them via my grandfather. i practice yoga and I'm a dancer of various styles as well as being a certified personal trainer.

I am active with the spiritual community, although I keep myself to myself for the most part.

i hold yoga, meditation and dance classes in Sheffield and cover the south Yorkshire region for mobile treatments, workshops and more.

I offer spiritual counselling and guidance, and have also acted as an end of life doula .

i practice what i preach and often use my own therapies for myself for self healing, both physically, emotionally , mentally and spiritually.

I attend various mind body and spirit events across the uk, and also attend various fairs such as christmas fairs etc. and mini festivals.

having also had experience with injury, as a car accident in 2011 left me with back injuries, i went onto rehabilitate myself.

i find my client base consists of a healthy mix, from dancers, athletes and those recovering from inury, due to my own exerience working within the dance community, and in the fitness industry as a trainer.

to those in high profile  careers who find my profesional approach comfortable

those needing spiritual guidance or counselling.

those suffering with various mental and physical health issues

My Philosophy.

The human mind, body and soul are all conected.

when one element of a human starts to run down or feel neglected, this is when we feel off, often felt in the form of illness, physically or mentally.

in this modern day, this "feeling" is more common than first thought, with millions of people suffering everything from depression, to poor posture and achy muscles, high stress levels, most of us have deadlines to reach and a need to be social butterflies, its hard to remember to take a time out every now and then to recalibrate, to re energise and just to "be" in the moment.

my aim through Healing therapies, is to bring an element of calm into what is stormy waters for most people, to heal people from the inside out and to assist with the bodies natural ability to heal itself, be it physical or otherwise.